David Levitan Mentalist

Astound Your Guests With Mind To Mind Communication!

David knows what you are thinking. While looking in your eyes he senses your thoughts including your favorite places, special moments and happy memories. He reveals names of your friends, pets, and family members. His predictions and premonitions are always upbeat, fun and on target. David makes no claims of having supernatural powers or any psychic abilities at all.  He ​cleverly  uses psychology, body language, statistics, keen observations, subtle persuasion and other real world techniques to create a show that is warm, funny and filled with tons of mind blowing moments. Most importantly your guests will have the time of their lives participating in this highly interactive program. He is one of the most incredible performers that you will ever see! Your guests will love him and you will be thrilled with  David’s effect on them. 

 If you are looking for the very best mentalist in the Long Island, New York, Westchester, New Jersey and Connecticut area then you are looking for David Levitan. David makes the booking arrangements easy. Contact us with a little information about your event and we will make the best recommendations on how to incorporate his talents to make your special event really special. 

Metlife Stadium's Project Graduation Mentalist

Over the last 20 years David has been the choice of Metlife stadium as the only show for the college-bound students that participate in their Project Graduation programs. If you are not familiar with the term Project graduation it was created to allow high school grads to participate in a fun filled night of partying, dancing and celebrating in an alcohol and drug free environment. The event generally happens post prom or as a late night activity. The night usually runs from 11:00pm-6:00am.  During the year students raise funds to pay for the event, parents volunteer to plan, supervise, and chaperone. The MetLife event is absolutely unbelievable. Students experience playing on the stadium f​ield with Zip lines, football a​nd giant obstacle courses. They get to dance club style with ​top of the line lights, sound and DJ. The the highlight of the night for most of the guests is the Mentalist show performed by David Levitan. Each season Metlife hosts anywhere from 13-25 different highschool’s Project graduations. Every one of these school’s high school grads gets to see David’s incredible show.


David Levitan is an amazing mentalist! I was astonished by some of his performances! I don’t know how

on earth he achieves them but they look like genuine mind reading! If you want to be mesmerized I highly

recommend him for any event. Uri Geller

David was the highlight of our 2 day event. He has a great ability to work a room keep everyone entertained and waiting for the next trick. He did a great job working the room in small groups then did a show for all the whole room and kept everyone mesmerized. My biggest problem day 2 of our event when going over highlights from the previous day’s meeting of the material we covered was keeping people focused on the meeting and stop discussing David. Truly a great entertainer.

Ted Greiner

Saying that our organization was pleased would be a gross understatement of our appreciation for David Levitan.

 The top shelf performance with enough variety to keep total attention but the proper amount of structured wit to come off authentically. I and my organization would recommend Mr. Levitan’s skills to any company that wants to wow their people. Since our company is filled with some of the highest producers in the country it is not always easy or prudent to schedule entertainment.   David Levitan was the exact elixir we needed to help our event become the well balanced machine it  should  be. Thanks David!!! key things that stood out the most were his professionalism and execution. It was a …….   Nino Torres Sales & Marketing Director. 

Just a few words to convey our appreciation for the blessing us with your artistry and contributing

To the success of our retreat last Friday. The feedback is that the event was a wonderful experience for all. Thank you for your participation in making it so.

North Shore LIJ Hospital   Marlene Joseph, LMSW

Dear David,  On behalfof HANYS Benefit Services, we want to thank you for a delightful evening ofentertainment at the 12th annual HBS symposium at the Turning StoneCasino.

Having a great deal of interaction with invited guests fromthe health care community all were of the opinion, you were magnificent. Actuallya mind-blowing experience. In fact, the next morning your show was the hottopic of conversation. As one commented, we really enjoyed ourselves,especially David Levitan’s performance. “David blew all our minds, a greatchoice of entertainment.” “Bring him back next year!” I have to concur you werea hit with the audience! You did not let us down! Thank you again on behalf of all the staff at HANYS BenefitServices. We will be sure to stay in touch for future events.

Yours truly,  Margaret Harris   Director   HANYS Benefit Service

Dear David:

Thank you for your wonderful performance at our office Holiday Party. Everyone felt entertained in a mesmerizing fashion. Your personality, charm and wit along with your diversified act made for a memorable event that we will continue to discuss for many years. “How’d he do that? Is a common refrain. Once again, thank you, and I hope to have the pleasure of seeing you perform again soon.

 Best regards,   Mitchell Berger     Chief Executive Officer

This past weekend, David Levitan performed his Mentalist show at Manhattan College as part of the school’s family weekend. His show was entertaining, intelligent and enjoyable for the students, their parents and younger siblings.

David’s mesmerizing mind tricks and witty humor wowed the crowd and left everyone wondering, “How did he do that?” David performed a wide variety of tricks and actively engaged the audience during each and every act.The fact that audience members were actively involved and did most of the work during his show added to the mystique and intrigue of this Mentalist and how he performs his tricks.

David has been to Manhattan College a number of times over the past few years. Each and every time he never fails to amaze and leave his audience satisfied. David is definitely worth seeing and there is no doubt he will leave you wondering, “How did he do that?”   – Eli Olken-Dann   Recreation Coordinator    Manhattan College Student Activities

Dear David,

On behalf of the Private Execution Services team atMerrill Lynch, I would like to thank you for the exceptional show you put on a tour 2002 Holiday Gala.

As was evident with the reaction of the team, every one was impressed and entertained throughout the entire performance. The Illusions and Mind games you displayed had our entire team in awe. Some of us are still trying to figure out how you did it!  Thanks again for providing such an exceptional show. The team thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Regards,    Charles D. Hammerman

Dear David:

Thank you so much for entertaining at our company party at the Seasons Catering Hall last week.

Our office enjoyed every part of your program and we are still walking around saying “how did he do that?” It was amazing how you came up with the answers that we thought we were so cleverly hiding from you. Your final demonstration with the tape, blindfold and writing of the name on the board was the most baffling of all and a few times a day someone tries to come up with how you did it-but I don’t really think we have figured it out.

I look forward to seeing you again-and will really try to pay closer attention next time so maybe I won’t be as surprised as I was this time.  

Very truly yours,    Jeff Haber     Managing Partner

Thank you so much for your amazing performance at our recent Senior Management Conference at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Country Club in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida. You not only impressed, you astonished!

Between the universal audience head scratching after each demonstration and everyone’s desire to be chosen as a participant in your ensuing feat. Your performance brought new meaning to audience participation……”

Gail W. Reilly  Senior Vice President

“The whole Blue Mountain team truly enjoyed your show at our Holiday Party. Your performance was the talk of the office for days, with everyone expressing amazement about how you were able to do what you did. Thank you for a great time.”

Andrew Feldstein

CEO Blue Mountain Capital Partners

The only problem I have with you is that you were so good. How do we top what you did for our next event. We will have you again soon!   David Sternhill  Partners In Care 

WOW ! The event at the Colony Club was a big hit….  you did a fantastic show and everyone had so much fun. It was the perfect night for a little bit of “magic”. There was a real buzz in the room and you were a hit.  Thank you very much for making this event so memorable and crowd pleasing.  Again, you were a huge success, it was Great ! Many Thanks.

Jennifer Powers  Entertainment Chair Colony Club

All I can say is WOW! What a show! You truly left your mark at the Marlboro Jewish Center.

Your performance was smooth, filled with quick humor and entertaining to all. Thanks again for making the Marlboro Jewish Center event a successful one. Your entertainment will be talked about and remembered. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Iris Katz  Event Chairperson.

Your performance at the Big CHAZAQ Event was simply amazing. The crowd (of over 1000 people) truly enjoyed every minute of it and you clicked very nicely with them! Thank you very much!!!

Yaniv Meirov   Operations manager  Chazaq

Thank you so much for  your wonderful performances at the Union League Club. Everyone was delighted with your magic, mind reading and stage presence. That’s why we have brought you back a record breaking six times. We hope to have you back on a regular basis.

Janet B. Ryder  Assistant Manager